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Cutting and Gluing Practice

One of our favorite activities lately is cutting practice. I usually give her a piece of paper that she’s scribbled on, and then draw lines on it for her cut. She loves it, and I really love it for one particular reason – it keeps her busy. For a looong time. She brings me random shapes she cut out, shouting things like ‘Mom! I made a porcupine!’ or “Look!! a teapot!” She then cuts it all up into teeny tiny pieces. By the time she’s done, she has a huge pile of confetti. We then collect it all into baggies and keep it for the next project.

Her playroom is always a mess...

Her playroom is always a mess…

You can guess what we do with all those teeny tiny scraps of paper. We glue them onto another piece of paper, a paper plate, or something similar. She usually has an idea of what she wants to make. Lately rockets have been the favorite. If the pieces are extra small, I have her sprinkle them onto the glue already on the paper, rather than glue each individual piece. At the end, you have a mosaic!

Then, we wash glue off fingers and vacuum any remaining confetti off the floor. Ta Da!