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The Start of our K4 Year!

I wasn’t planning on starting our year of activities so soon, but I started to receive some of the books I had ordered and couldn’t resist starting.  We began the first week of lessons of Kinderbach, and started our first week in Build Your Library K – Around the World (BYL). We’ve been having a good time so far!

This first week of BYL was centered around two books. Here’s the first:

I love this book! It follows a girl as she travels across continents and islands to find ingredients for her apple pie, including cinnamon in Sri Lanka, apples in Vermont and semolina wheat in Italy. We read this book several times. The second time we read it, we pulled out Curly’s children’s atlas and found all the countries mentioned in the book. Of course, at the end of the week, we simply HAD to make an apple pie.


Enjoying the apple pie! This was a real treat for us as I am not a baker. She enjoyed making it so much though that I may make it a goal to bake more often!

Enjoying the apple pie! This was a real treat for us. She enjoyed making it so much that I may make it a goal to bake more often!


Here’s the second crucial book:

We had to wait to get this book via inter-library loan, but it finally showed up. BYL provided some pages to do a “Me On the Map Flipbook”. We made maps of the planet, our continent, our country, our state, our town, our street, and finally our house. I most definitely would NOT say that the maps we made are at all accurate, but I do think the concept of what a map can be was established.

Curly and I made a little passport out of cardboard and blue paper, which we will use to put little stamps in when we finish learning about a continent. These stamps are provided courtesy of BYL.

Our first week of Kinderbach lessons was fun for both of us! Kinderbach is geared for students 4-7, and I think it’s especially applicable in the 4-5 range. At least in this first week, the olders may find it too “babyish”. I noticed, however, that even though the lessons are short and simple (and possibly “babyish”), they were very effective in teaching integral concepts of music. The first week focuses on the layout of the keyboard, the difference between high and low sounds, and finger numbers – the thumb is 1, pointer is 2, and so on. I peeked ahead to next week, and it looks as if it  focuses on rhythm. I’m excited to continue!

This week we also worked on our skills in our Kumon workbooks (cutting and pasting), and read lots of library books. I should be putting up another booklist before too long.

Have a great week!