Kindergarten Curriculum

Here I was preparing a post about our first grade plans, and I see I neglected to update what we did for Kindergarten! Whoops! Here is what we did.

        • Build Your Library K – we picked up and finished from where we left off in our K4 Year. We had a lot of fun with this! I would recommend this as a very gentle K year program that you can easily add to. We will continue with their 1st grade lesson plans.
        • Horizons Math K – This was the one thing I wish I had done differently. This program was fine for awhile, but it quickly required too much writing. That’s saying something, since Curly has pretty good handwriting endurance for a 5 year old. We skipped a lot, or Curly dictated while I wrote it for her. The program has its’ merits but it wasn’t for us. Next year we will be using RightStart Math.
        • Explode the Code 1 & 2 – These are very popular phonics workbooks. The illustrations are just horrible but I was pleased with the exercises and the progress Curly made. These are also very reasonably priced! Here is a link to the first one.
        • Zaner-Bloser Handwriting K – This is a standard handwriting workbook. I chose Zaner-Bloser over others because I like their font, especially their cursive starting in grade 2. This was pretty painless and easy to get through. We will be continuing with their 1st grade book.
        • Piano lessons from a local teacher.
        • Home Art StudioThis is something I was glad I ordered! The art projects are just right for a kindergartner to do. Lots of practice cutting paper and mixing colors. The projects would be fun for older kids to do as well. We will still be using it this year since we haven’t finished it.

In addition to the above, we did a conglomeration of reading programs. I just couldn’t find a perfect fit. It worked out OK, as Curly made good progress and is on track. We used these resources off and on, and sometimes in conjuction:

  • Phonics Pathways (This is a complete resource, and we will be keeping it on hand. It is, however, a bit…dry.)
  • Reading Eggs (Curly used this website a lot. It’s not perfect, but was nice for practice. I’m not sure if we will be continuing or not.)
  • Teach Your Monster to Read (This is a free and fun website that is good for practice.)
  • Progressive Phonics (Free online, and uses the buddy reading system which Curly enjoyed.)
  • Norah Gaydos readers (I highly recommend these; we used these predominantly after the first set of BOB books.)
  • BOB books (These were perfect as very first readers.)
  • And finally, we have just started using Hooked on Phonics. We picked it up at a rummage sale, and we both really like it! We will be sticking with this through 1st grade. At least, I hope we will.