Lately We’ve Been Reading…

I realize I haven’t posted since January…epic fail on my part! However, I have the time and inclination today to update you all on some of our favorite picture books from the past months. This is just a few of them – we have read dozens and dozens from the library. It really is the main part of my preschool program – read, read, read!


Mouse & Lion by Rand Burkert is my new favorite retelling of the classic Aesop fable. The illustrations are what really make me love this book!

Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow? by Susan A. Shea is a fun nonfiction title. The rhyming text compares nonliving and living things to determine which ones will grow. A fun way to teach a little science!


We greatly enjoyed the onomatopoeia in this story! Here’s an example of the text:

Crush the stone. Crush the stone.
Chip and grind and munch.
Make new concrete from the old.
Whirr! Churr! Crunch!

If you have a child interested in machines this will be a great choice. Plus, it’s just really fun to read. Whirr! Churr! Crunch! Dad had a great time reading this one aloud.

This Caldecott winning title will probably be familiar to many of you, but we finally read it. It’s a wordless book about Daisy the dog and her favorite ball. She does everything with her ball – plays with it, sleeps with it, goes on walks with it. One day her ball gets ruined at the dog park, and Daisy is very sad. Of course this book has a good endingĀ  – go check it out from your library and see what happens! This was one we read over and over.


Steve Jenkins’ nonfiction titles are usually a hit in our house, and this one was no exception. This is an interactive book, where the child is supposed to match pictures of animals. My 3 year old found this book really funny for some reason – and quoted from it for several days after we returned it to the library!


This book by James Rumford has really unique illustrations. It’s done in the calabash engraving style from West Africa – Chad, I believe. This book tells the story of Calabash Cat and his journey to find the end of the world. He keeps meeting animals who tell him they know where the world endsĀ  – usually where the desert turns into grasslands, and the grasslands turn into the jungle, etc. It’s an interesting story for a child, but I personally found the underlying principle of the story very nice – sometimes even seemingly insurmountable boundaries can simply be walked across.


Do I even need to introduce this book? No, David! by David Shannon is a pretty famous book about a naughty little boy that does many naughty things; but at the end of the day, his mother still loves him. This book is useful for preschoolers to help them identify feelings they may be feeling, and etc…but I would not have included this book normally. I really dislike the illustrations. However, Curly liked it, so it goes here on the list.


Mo Willems strikes with awesomeness again! I feel like this book is even more enjoyable for the parents or for an older child very familiar with the classic story of Goldilocks than for a really young child. This book parodies the original story at every turn, leading to lots of laughs on my part!


I love Olivia, the ridiculously girly and imaginative pig. Curly loves her too – this is one of those that couldn’t get read enough! Ian Falconer has written several Olivia books now, but this one and the original are our favorites.

Happy reading!

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