More Good Picture Books

We have been continuing through book lists and have found more that we particularly enjoyed. This week is definitely a Mo Willems week for us – most of the books this week are from him!

First though, we have this:

Millions of Cats by Wanda Gag is a true classic, having been copyrighted in 1928. The illustrations are black and white but still retain their charm. The story is about an old man and his wife who are very lonely and decide to get a cat. The old man sets out to get one and finds MILLIONS of them and cannot choose just one!

Time to Sleep Sheep the Sheep by Mo Willems is in his Cat the Cat series. I find myself unable to see the appeal in the language of these books (the illustrations are funny however), but my girl devours these! She wants them read over and over again. The title is pretty self explanatory – it’s time for bed. Cat the cat goes through her friends telling them to go to bed – horse the horse, crab the crab, giraffe the giraffe, pig the pig, etc.

Now for our favorite of the week…drumroll…the Elephant and Piggie books! By Mo Willems, of course. I am going to remember these books to use them as first readers. They have sweet and silly stories and the illustrations got us giggling. The stories on friendship in them are good examples of how a good friend should act. And they are so much fun to read. That part is very important!





The above are the ones that were available at our library at the time. As we come across more of them we will be sure to post our thoughts on them! They really are special.

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