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Lately We’ve Been Reading…

Well, hello! It has been quite some time since I’ve posted. Here are some of the chapter books I’ve been reading aloud. We still read aloud lots of picture books, but starting last year I started to read aloud longer stories. Several of these were recommendations from Build Your Library, a Kindergarten lesson plan we’ve been following. We’ve enjoyed it very much! Here are our favorites.


This is a classic that we enjoyed! I have clear memories of reading this series throughout my childhood, so I was interested to see how I felt about it as an adult and if Curly would like it as much as I did. It didn’t disappoint! We then continued to read the second in the series, Little House on the Prairie, and it wasn’t as much as a favorite; however, when she’s reading well enough to read it on her own I will probably suggest it.


The antics of Mr. Popper, his family, and of course the penguins were fun to read aloud! I had never read this one as a child so it was an enjoyable story for me to discover as well. We had to watch the movie of course when we were finished, but it has really nothing to do with the book. It was still fun!


This was another one that I hadn’t read as a child that we had fun with. Set in China, Little Pear is an adventurous little boy that gets into a bit of mischief, but things always turn out well in the end. We even made a recipe for something that’s mentioned in this story; Pear’s favorite food is called tang-hulur, which is essentially candied fruit on a stick. They turned out pretty well!

This one was a favorite for both of us! The adventures of these mice reminded me a bit of The Littles and The Borrowers, but just for the fact that it was about small ‘people’ living in someone’s house. Tumtum and Nutmeg are quiet, homebody mice that live in the broom cupboard of a cottage in England. They live peaceful lives until they decide to help the resident human children of the cottage; then they have some mighty adventures!


Roald Dahl’s books are a pleasure to read aloud. I had never heard of this particular story, but I saw it at a library sale and decided to try it. It’s only 79 pages, and it’s about a giraffe, a monkey, and a pelican that have a window washing business. It’s as silly as it sounds, and delightful too!

This is a beautifully illustrated abridged version. All I knew about this story was that it had a Toad who was obsessed with motorcars. I’m glad I picked this up. It has lovely language, even the abridged version, and the characters are silly and great fun to read aloud! I didn’t realize I had bought an abridged version and was a little annoyed when I figured it out, but we tried listening to the full version and now I’m glad I have this one instead. The full version is very wordy, and while I was enjoying listening to it, it was apparent Curly wasn’t getting much. This version is much more accessible to a 5 year old! We may try the full version in a few years.

This was a surprise favorite! After reading about Linnea’s visit to Monet’s house and a little about his life, we tried painting in Monet’s style. We call it “blob painting” and is one of our favorite art projects. We had an opportunity to view some of Monet’s paintings when we were in New York City last fall, and I was happy to learn that Curly still remembered Monet. She was excited to see his paintings in person!

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Happy reading!